certSIGN is Qualified Trust Services Provider, in compliance with EU Regulation no. 910/2014 (eIDASRegulation). certSIGN is a company based in Romania, specialized in developing information security softwareapplications and providing services related to the protection of information systems. It was established in 2006 as aspin-off of UTI Systems, a Romanian software house and system integrator. UTI Systems developed its own PKIproducts (certSAFE – digital certificates management, shellSAFE – desktop suite for electronic signature, dataencryption and data shredding, gateSAFE – PKI authentication gateway, etc.). The products have been involved inPKI interoperability tests at JWID (Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration), in 2004, and CWID (CoalitionWarrior Interoperability Demonstration), in 2006.certSIGN acts in several directions, covering the following sectors and providing products and services:

●Development of information security software using Public Keys Infrastructures (PKI). The software developedby certSIGN is used to manage the digital identities of the users, provide secure authentication and authorizationservices and guarantee data protection. Products developed by certSIGN engineers are present, under UTI Systemsbrand, within NATO Catalogue (NIAPC) and within the catalogue published by the Romanian National SecurityAgency (ORNISS). The products are accredited to protect classified information.

●Implementation of PKI based information security solutions.

●Cyber security services and development of highly secure and resilient information systems both to conduct itsdaily business and to protect the critical systems of key customers from national defense and homeland security,banking and telecom. certSIGN operates a private CERT (Computer Emergency Report Team) accredited byTrusted Introducer.

●Trusted security services provider: Digital certificates services provider (Accredited Qualified CertificationServices Provider – eIDAS Regulation), Time stamp services provider, Electronic archiving services provider.

●Card personalization and digital tachograph cards issuance, with customers in Romania, Bulgaria, Finland,Norway, Moldavia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Cyprus.

Contact information : 
Website: http://certsign.ro
Name : George Gugulea
E-Mail : george.gugulea@certsign.ro