LSTech ESPANA SL is an SME specializing in technologies and tools for auditing and regulation compliance with emphasis on privacy and discrimination issues. Combining over 100 man years of collective experience in the areas of Software Engineering and Data Science, LSTech is focusing its software development mainly in applications for Policy Makers. The aim is to assist policy makers and regulators across the globe to make sense out of the vast and dynamic information present in the Internet in order to test and build better policies for the private and public sectors to the end of ensuring social responsibility and compliance to government directives.
LSTech offerings include ‘CostNous™’, ‘CloudNous™’, ‘Pricius™’ and ‘Aditaur™’ products.
‘CostNous™’ addresses decision-makers in service provider businesses providing information about the actual cost of operations by analyzing raw use/usage data. CostNous uses intelligent algorithms to combine data and domain knowledge to provide forecasts based on discovered patterns. Cost attribution, cost analysis and revenue prediction, are also complemented with what-if scenarios and budget optimization applications.
‘CloudNous™’ is a SaaS application for performing cost attribution and budget optimization of Cloud-hosted companies, leveraging insightful algorithms and big data analysis. CloudNous uses intelligent algorithms to identify the cost that cloud customers and their applications are producing to the underlying cloud infrastructure. With CloudNous companies can make sense of their cloud bill, allowing efficient and more fair pricing, better offers and greater profit margins.

LSTech offerings include ‘Pricius™’, and ‘Aditaur™’ products. ‘Pricius™’ automatically collects and analyses pricing information from e-commerce sites to help detect discriminatory and anti-competitive pricing policies, conduct pricing research or optimize shopping decisions. ‘Aditaur™’ focuses on detecting programmatic advertising. By simplifying the process of conducting privacy audits on websites and ad-delivery platforms, it enables the monitoring of regulatory compliance, the collection of evidence for privacy forensics and the ranking of websites and ad delivery platforms.

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