KAIZEN DIGITAL SERVICES S.A. is one of the fastest growing Tech companies in Greece, committed to the development and management of software engineering and services. In detail, Kaizen Digital specializes in the development of Enterprise and Internet technology software applications as well as, custom native applications for Android and iOS platforms for the Online Gambling/Online Casino industry, and today it supports Gaming/Casino desktop and mobile sites in 3 different EU countries, and supports a total of 4 applications per country. Kaizen Digital has also facilitated the integration of 13 Payment Processing Platforms to Online Gambling/Casino provider platforms, and managed the integration of 3rd party Gaming Platforms in EU Gambling/Casino operators. At the same time, Kaizen Digital has developed and fully supports a custom CRM tool that is used to support numerous functions like i) Know Your Client (KYC), ii) Anti Money Laundering (AML) Due Diligence, iii) Customer Support CS), iv) Risk Management, v) Quality Control and vi) Content Management. Kaizen Digital has a dynamic and young workforce, with an average age of 31 years of age, and continuously grows its areas of operation, offering its software and services to the online Gambling and Casino industry. The technology department consists of 102 full-time employees in multidisciplinary areas of IT. The KYC department consists of 21 specialized KYC resources. Kaizen Digital is holds the ISO 27001 certification.