Christos Xenakis had a discussion about cyber security, at the Greek National Radio

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The future of digital security was discussed by Prof. Christos Xenakis and Demosthenes Economou, Head of Operational Security Unit of ENISA, in the “Athens Calling” broadcast on Greek National Radio (Proto Programma – ERT) on 17 of February. They participated in a two-hour conversation about the risks of the Internet, the digital threats that may threaten our life, how we can protect our online assets, and the high demand for Cyber Security experts, not only in Greece but globally.

Prof. Christos Xenakis also talked about the overarching goal of INCOGNITO which is to combine state-of-the-art technologies in a platform that will allow users to easily understand what is needed to access online services with respect to their privacy and be able to prove specific attributes of their identity or their whole identity.

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